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'Specializing in a multi-omics proteomics, metabolomics & lipidomics approach'


Recent Presentations from the 2018 ASMS meeting:

Serial-Omics: From Breast Tumors to Bodily Fluids to Dried Blood Spots

FluxSearch: A Strategy for 13C/15N Metabolic and Lipid Flux Analysis from Untargeted High Resolution LC-MS/MS

Serial-Omics Characterization of Equine Urine and Mane Hair by LC-MS/MS



IsoSearch: An Untargeted and Unbiased Metabolite
and Lipid Isotopomer Tracing Strategy from
HR-LC-MS/MS Datasets

Ex vivo and in vivo 13C/15N stable isotope labeling of central carbon metabolism and related pathways with analysis by targeted LC-MS/MS

Serial-omics of P53-/-, Brca1-/- Mouse Breast Tumor and Normal Mammary Gland - getting closer to multi-omics tumor biopsy experiments

Applying our multi-omics technology to veterinary medicine:

Serial-Omics Characterization of Equine Mare Urine

Recent Internal Research Poster/Oral Presentations:

Super-Omics: Liquid-Liquid Extractions from a single biopsy sample for metabolomics, phosphoproteomics and lipidomics........

A "Triomics" publication showing how global phosphoproteomics, global lipidomics and targeted metabolomics leads to a biological model in multiple myeloma

Cross-Omics: Correlating SILAC phosphoproteomics with polar metabolomics in BCR-ABL myeloma cells reveals a link between kinase inhibition and RNA processing

13C/15N Labeling of Polar Metabolites - In vivo and In vitro

Comparison of Label-Free quantitative technologies: MaxQuant (MS) vs. Skyline (MS) vs. Spectral Counting (MS/MS) vs. Average TIC (MS/MS) vs. Top3 TIC (MS/MS)

Proteomics/Metabolomics of Cancer Signaling:

Study: Cross-Species Proteomics Analyses Discovers a Novel Binding between P85-SHP2 in Cancer Cells

Recent Study:
Detection of a rare BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase fusion protein in H929 multiple myeloma cells using immunoprecipitation (IP) - tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) based proteomics

Study: Phosphoproteomics Protocol published in "The Red Book"

Study: Using tandem mass spectrometry to choose appropriate kinase inhibitor drugs in cancers: A personalized medicine strategy based on protein-protein interactions

Study/Protocol:  A mass spectrometry platform to quantitatively profile cancer cell metabolism from cell lines, fluids and tissues in Nature Protocols

Study: Metabolomics from Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Tumor Tissue

Study: A simple method for quantifying proteins between experimental conditions based on MS/MS TIC

Study: A label-free method for quantification of protein phosphorylation sites based on MS/MS TIC values from targeted runs

Study:  Detection of a phosphohistidine residue by LC/MS/MS using HCD that is critical to an alternative glycolytic pathway

Lipidomics Research:

A new article was just published in Metabolomics on our new polarity switching lipidomics platform with a complete protocol for sample prep and data analysis

Proteomics on Dinosaurs or "Fossilomics":

Study #1:
Protein from a 68 million year old T. rex fossil sequenced at BIDMC Mass Spec Core

-Featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Newsweek, Discover Magazine, MSNBC, etc.

Study #2: Amino acid sequence from collagen used to perform rigorous phylogenetics analysis on T. rex and mastodon fossils

Study #3: Collagen from an 80 million year old Hadrosaur Brachylophosaurus canadensis sequenced by Orbitrap mass spectrometry

Publications Coming soon:

        For latest manuscripts, click below (will be updated soon):






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