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Protein samples

Immunoprecipitation Info for mass spectrometry analysis

Protein sample preparation and Submission form

Coomassie blue staining for SDS-PAGE

Silver staining for SDS-PAGE (mass spec compatible)

Acetone precipitation (solution based protein clean-up)

C18 ZipTip purification (solution based peptide clean-up)

FLAG elution protocol for solution based samples for protein complex ID

SDS-PAGE short gel run example (quick clean-up of protein sample with crude fractionation for mass spec complex identification)

Polar Metabolite samples

Refer to the metabolomics cell preparation document as part of the sample submission forms for adherent cells

Protocol for metabolite preparation from bodily fluids, tissue and fixed tissue was just published in Nature Protocols.......Click here.

For 13C and/or 15N steady-state flux polar metabolite experiments, purchase glucose-free or glutamine-free media and spike in your labeled energy source for the desired amount of labeling time just prior to metabolite extraction. Contact us first to be sure that we have compatible mass spec methods for your specific application..... Click here for our new Nat Protocol article on how to prepare samples for 13C/15N flux analysis

Lipidomics samples:

Our lipidomics platform is capable of identifying 1000-1500 lipid ions in less than 30 min in an untargeted manner

New Protocol article in Metabolomics on preparing lipid samples and our polarity switching LC-MS/MS platform

Protocol for both MTBE and Chloroform/Methanol lipid extractions

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