Welcome to the BIDMC Mass Spectrometry Facility and John Asara Laboratory

'Specializing in a multi-omics proteomics, metabolomics & lipidomics approach'

Service Fees/Submission
External academic  Corporate
Thermo QExactive HFx Orbitrap microcapillary LC-MS/MS
Protein identification $165.00 $206.25 $247.50
Post-translational modification site mapping $300.00 $375.00 $450.00
Relative quantification: Label-free, SILAC, TMT, etc. $250.00 $312.50 $375.00
DISCOUNT for large orders >10 samples $148.50 ID / $270.00 PTM contact core contact core
Polar metabolomics profiling $135.00 $168.75 $202.50 
13C/15N metabolic flux analysis $155.00 $193.75 $232.50

Thermo QExactive Plus/HFx Orbitrap  LC-MS/MS

Untargeted Lipidomics profiling    
 $155.00  $193.75  $232.50
Untargeted Metabolomics Profiling  $155.00  $193.75  $232.50
 - Replicate metabolomics and lipidomics samples are charged at 25% of the per sample cost

 - Prices are USD

Documents needed to get started preparing samples:

Proteomics Sample Preparation Guidelines and Submission Forms (click here)

Metabolomics Sample Preparation Guidelines and Sample Submission Forms (click here)

Lipidomics Sample Preparation Guidelines and Sample Submission

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